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“We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better.”
Walt Stanchfield

If we did 100 bad drawings a day - and these have to be studying line work, shapes, forms, light and shadow, tones, anatomy and so on. And they have to be each with some detail. Then we would be through our 10000 bad drawings in a 100 days.

If we did 10 a day which might sound realistic but it’s not easy, we would still take 1000 days which is roughly 3 years.

This is to reach basic proficiency in drawing. You would have reached a level where you can draw what you command your hands to.

Now you know how to set a target for number of drawings a day, if you wish to attain proficiency anytime soon 😎.

⚡🚩Technical Rambling

For the technical minded, here is the plot for the learning curve. The blue vertical line represents your first target.

Learning curve

I leave you with that masterpiece.

P.S. - A previous version of the post had an error in the plot above.

Have a great weekend, Adios,

Abhishek Mishra (art noob)