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The last few days I’ve been doing these 1bit pixel art drawings - and have been really having fun. Based on a recommendation from an artist on youtube I started with 1-bit palette because it is simplest, and therefore good for practice.

What is 1-Bit Pixel Art?

Someone asked me this question and here’s my response… Every dot in the picture is one pixel in pixel art.

The number of colours available depends on how much storage we use for each pixel. If we use 8-bits - then we can use 256 colours (that is 2 to the power 8 colours) - see

1-bit pixel art is where each pixel gets only one bit of storage - and therefore there are only two colours - one dark and one light. You can choose what those colours are but you cannot use a third colour. This is also called a monochrome image

The Palette I’m Using

I'm using this 1-bit palette by polyducks.

Practice Drawings


Several types of hats on a tiny canvas.

Pile of Stones

Still 1-bit but I lowered the opacity on the background layer. So technically 2-bit.

Lady by the Pool

The last two are gifs, hope you can see them in your email clients.

That’s it for today.

Have a great day!

-Abhishek (art noob)