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Hi Reader,

Today I want to talk about how social media affects an artist. And why it is important to maintain distance from social media.

Some people take this as a way of staying away from people. That’s not what I’m saying - I’m talking only about the intermediary - social media, not the people on it. The intermediary has its own incentives, and a business to run.

The platform has a mind of its own

On most social media there are awards for interaction and awards for creating content. Both are structured in such a way as to maximize engagement (keeping you on the platform) and thus monopolizing your attention. More attention means more of it can be can be sold to advertisers.

Social media platforms are addicted to your attention.

Graffiti Baranain Navarre - courtesy Pixabay
Creating what the platform likes

If you engage too much on social media - the platform will provide encouragement for posts that meet its goal (engagement, and grabbing attention) rather than provide you feedback on what you should be doing to get better as an artist.

So lets spell it out - creating content for some platform’s unknown amorphous goals is not good for the artist.

Artist has much to lose

The artist is not just giving up her time or attention, which is a precious commodity. The artist is also surrendering some control over what to create and how to create it.

The influence of the platform’s goals on your art will grow slowly but it is quite insidious. Allowing someone else control over your own creativity makes the whole pursuit of art hollow.

So beware, social media is a tool - but let it not become all powerful in your decision making.

Happy Arting,

Abhishek (art noob)