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My first bitmap font for Devanagari Script (used for Hindi and several other Indian languages) has all the alphabets now. I've been working on it, on and off, for more than a year. I had completed almost half the alphabet and abandoned the project for some other tasks. Last week I decided to get back to it and finish the initial version.

Pixellated Bitmap fonts are really useful in low-res pixel art for games or pixel art illustrations in general. I was making a few pixel art illustrations for fun last year - and whenever I wanted to put in a Indian shopfront or some other Hindi label, I couldn't find a good low-res hindi bitmap font. So I decided to create one...

I've still got lots of things to do to take this project to completion...

  1. Name the font (looking for suggestions here)
  2. Convert the font from a bitmap font to TTF format so that it can be used for generic text.
  3. Try out various passages of text and make corrections to fix any errors in the way alphabets or words turn out.

But without further ado here's the image/sprite with all the common alphabets of Devanagari. I've left out the unused or obscure ones.

Devanagari/Hindi Bitmap Font
Devanagari/Hindi Bitmap Font