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Import Substack Newsletter/Blog Posts into Pelican Posts Folder

Getting Substack Newsletter Posts into a Pelican Site

A few weeks ago I started writing a newsletter at (which is an excellent platform btw, and I'm loving it). My newsletter is called ArtNoob. Now, substack allows you to export of all the posts on a newsletter, which is a very handy way to grab all the posts and host it on another site. And that's exactly what I wanted to do.

This is a static website generated using Pelican. So all I wanted to do was to grab the exported posts and convert them into …

Creating a powershell user profile file.

I didn't know creating a powershell profile was so easy. I'm just going to document this in case I need it again.

The $profile environment variable holds the value of the powershell profile file. This file is sourced when a new powershell session is started - whether normal or elevated.

Here's the command to create a new profile file. In windows this will usually create a folder named <HOME>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell, where <HOME> is your home folder. A file named Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 will be created in this folder.

New-Item $profile -Type File -Force

One of the few useful things one …

Install gcloud-sdk and Docker on Ubuntu 16.04 on VirtualBox

I use Windows 10 Home on my laptop, so docker integration is a challenge, espescially running all the builds written in shell scripts won't run nicely on Ubuntu on Windows or MSYS2.

So I've had to fallback on installing ubuntu on virtualbox, with docker and gcloud-sdk. I've documented the steps below.

Get VirtualBox

Download VirtualBox

Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Get Xubuntu 16.04 ISO. Xubuntu is lightweight and provides a standard desktop. Ubuntu or other flavours should also work.

Download Xubuntu LTS

VirtualBox Guest Config

Config suggested for guest: 1. Min Disk: 30GB 2. RAM: 2GB 3. LVM Partitioning 4 …