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Timed Themes Release v0.3.0

Today a new version of timed-themes vscode extension was released and published to the vscode marketplace. Timed themes switches between a dark and light theme based on a schedule. The schedule can be set using time ranges in the settings. The dark and light themes are also configurable. Version 0.3.0 includes two minor bug fixes as well as package updates to the dependencies.

Here's the link to the extension at the vscode marketplace - Timed Themes

VS Code Extension - timed-themes

VS Code is now my primary IDE, it's the IDE I use the most and really like. At home I use a laptop hooked to a large monitor. This setup is in a room with lots of windows and skylights. So during the day, the room lights up a lot and there are a lot of reflections on the screen. So I use a dark theme with lots of contrast during the day. But at night I use a lighter theme with less contrast. I used to switch manually with a two lines in my settings for the IDE theme …