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Hi friends,

Today I want to talk about the learning of art, or in fact any other skill. I believe that in the early days of learning, we will not be so good. The embarrassment, discomfort or shame that we may feel about our own drawings or paintings - is a serious impediment to moving further and faster. The very thing we are concerned about - fussing about it makes overcoming it more difficult.

We must maintain an innocence about our sketches and paintings, a neutral stance, neither proud nor ashamed. The faster we can get through the early stages of learning, the fewer such negative feelings will become anyway.

Know your mind, when you start out on a new skill - catch that embarrassment on your poor performance early - and tell it that you will get better. Tell the discomfort to go away for some time and bother you later. You will make faster progress this way.

I leave you with this beautiful painting of a shy girl called Diffidence by William Henry Hunt.

Painting - Diffidence

May the force be with you,

Abhishek (art noob)