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I was carrying my sketchbook everywhere during this vacation. One day at the breakfast buffet, in between courses 😀 - I drew a couple of interesting sketches.

The Croissant Is Alive!

I got a yummy croissant from the bakery section and when I sat down to eat it the croissant seemed really dejected that its short life was coming to an end. So I drew it. Aaaand then I still ate it 😜.

Its a sad croissant

The Fruit Bowl

Arranging a fruit bowl is an art! I drew this neat and majestic looking fruit bowl. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete the sketch…

Well that’s mostly it folks. I think I’ve exhausted the list of sketches which turned out half-decent enough to share.

Hope you liked some of them - and that they inspire you to go out and draw!

See you later,

Abhishek (art noob)