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Human figures are the most recurring feature in our drawings. They are also some of the most challenging objects to draw. One can spend a lifetime learning figure drawing, there’s so much to learn. But where does one start and what are the prerequisites.

Although there are no rules in art, generally if we wish to turn out believable figures, we should possess certain drawing skills before hand… (although it is possible to practice these along with learning the figure)

  • outline drawing

  • ability to recognize and draw shapes (2d)

  • ability to recognize and simplify and draw form (3d) - especially the simple solids - cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid and cone.

  • basic understanding of light and shadow - leading to values on the form.

Assuming I have learnt all of the above to some degree - I should start with the basic stick figure and then quickly learn the basic skeleton. Then practice hundreds of poses of these. Then one can move on deeper and deeper in to anatomy (bones and muscles) and make detailed studies. One must also develop an understanding of gesture. Portrait drawing is a specialization in the subject.

I started with two books

And I followed it up with Loomis’s more advanced - Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth.

You can find hundreds of such lists of recommendations online. Mikey’s (a youtuber) list was also helpful for me as a beginner. I’ve linked the video below.

As Always,

Artfully yours,

Abhishek (art noob)