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Square Spirals Drawn using New PicoTurtle Lua API

In the last few weeks, I've rewritten the PicoTurtle programming API in a C++ program. Here are the major features/changes of the new implementation:- * The turtle API has Lua bindings. Lua is sufficiently lightweight that the interpreter can be distributed with the new picoturtle program. * The new implementation does not have a client-server design greatly reducing its complexity from the older nodejs/electron based implementation. * The program uses Skia Canvas for the drawing implementation. Skia (developed by google) is also the canvas for google chrome. * Although bindings for other programming languages can be developed, the current version is only …

Timed Themes Release v0.3.0

Today a new version of timed-themes vscode extension was released and published to the vscode marketplace. Timed themes switches between a dark and light theme based on a schedule. The schedule can be set using time ranges in the settings. The dark and light themes are also configurable. Version 0.3.0 includes two minor bug fixes as well as package updates to the dependencies.

Here's the link to the extension at the vscode marketplace - Timed Themes

Homepage New Edition

A new version of the homepage site is now live. It's a static website generated with Pelican. The website is still work in progress, I'll add back all the old content alongwith a new structure over the coming days. However, I want to keep the site simple and uncluttered.

More on this to follow!

First Post!

This is my first post on the new jekyll site on my github page. I'm currently learning node.js using tutorials. I'm recording my progress at learnnode