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I've been using bing copilot more and more. And the tasks that I've used it for are getting more and more interesting. I had read how people are using copilot to get help interacting with the world. And yesterday we ran into an interesting use of Bing Copilot that I wanted to let you know.

A few days ago we were at the supermarket looking for hooks and strips to stick to the wall to hang stuff. One of the items I bought on a trial basis was a RIMEI MAGIC Traceless Hook. Last night I tried to fix it to a ceramic wall in my bathroom and realized that all the instructions on the back of the product are in Chinese.

This was the perfect time to whip out my phone and ask Copilot. I opened Bing and started a new Copilot session. I took a photo of the back of the product packaging and asked Copilot to translate the product instructions for me.

Hook Package Backside

And within a few seconds Copilot had translated the instructions for me. Here's what copilot came back with...

Copilot Response

Thank you for sharing the image. Here's the translation of the Chinese instructions into English:

  1. Clean the wall and keep it dry.
  2. Peel off the protective film from the back of the hook.
  3. Stick the hook on the wall, press hard from the center to the outer edge to ensure the hook is completely adhered to the wall.
  4. Please use it after 24 hours of sticking.

These instructions correspond to the images at the top of the package, which depict the process of cleaning the wall, peeling off the film, sticking the hook, and hanging an object. Please let me know if you need any more help! 😊

I followed the simple instructions and the wall mount hook was installed.

I don't know why but this experience makes me so happy and excited. It's like living in the future 😁🙌.