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Hello there 🙋‍♂️🙏! I’m Abhishek Mishra and this is The Art Noob, a newsletter about learning to draw and paint.

I started learning drawing and painting late in life, and the journey so far has been so interesting that I decided to document it in a blog/newsletter so that others may benefit or learn from it…

Bob Ross - Happy Accidents

or maybe just have fun laughing over my blundering, bungling, inept, klutzy, gauche efforts …

Phoebe laughing


I’ve been doodling for years, and I’m a hobbyist photographer for close to 15 years. A couple of years ago I was with my mom in a hospital room as her attendant for a few days. I was bored stiff for the first few hours - then on a whim went to a nearby stationary shop and bought colour pencils and a sketchbook. My mother recovered fully but I now had the art bug. Drawing gave me such joy that I’ve been drawing practically everyday since then.


I haven’t yet decided on a schedule for this newsletter. I plan to write as often interesting things happen, daily or at least weekly. I’ll keep you posted if you subscribe.

I would love your feedback. Hope you join me in this journey.