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Ah! The dreaded artist block! When we keep staring at the blank page or canvas and nothing is happening. We are frozen, or we keep getting distracted, there is no inspiration. And internal voice screams “Why is this not working!!!! Gaaah!”

Well what if we could develop a strategy to deal with this mindfully. Instead of just worrying about this state, what if we could fix it. It’s better to fix it - I think we all agree. But HOW!?!

Easy 1st Step - Recognize

I think the first step is to recognize that you are blocked. And this condition could be due to all kinds of factors. But the result is the lack of activity. No ideas coming to the head and nothing turning up on the paper.

2nd Step - Start Creating

Once you recognize that you are being blocked by some invisible force - what I suggest you don’t do is start a long exploration process over what is causing this block. This will only increase the time you are not creating. After all what you want to accomplish is “to create”. So as soon as you detect art block - start drawing or creating something you have done thousands of times. Like drawing lines and curves, or squares. Where would you draw it, the closest canvas you can find. The idea is to tell your own self - unblock and draw this easy thing which you have always drawn.

Then slowly ramp up the complexity of what you are doing, and soon you will be cruising in no time.

To summarize in this potato quality illustration…

Artist Block Diagram

Start Unblocking,

Abhishek (art noob)