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The lisp of life

stretching abstraction very far.... at any moment in time (say t), one could think of one's life as a cons pair of time gone by and the future.

such that:

(car life) -> past
(cdr life) -> future.

(cons past future) -> life

and now at the time t+1, one could recalculate life as
(cons (+ past 1) (- future 1))

if expected age is a constant *FULL-LIFE*, then in the beginning we are
(cons 0 *FULL-LIFE*)

and in the end
(cons *FULL-LIFE* 0)

and mid-life crisis is when
(eqlp (car life) (cdr life))

A Psychological Sci-Fi Film Wish-list

A recently compiled list of films in the psychological sci-fi genre, which I would like to watch.

  1. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 film)
  2. 12:01 PM (1990 film)
  3. Equilibrium (film)
  4. Primer (film)
  5. A Scanner Darkly (film)
  6. K-PAX (film)
  7. It Happened Here
  8. Avalon (2001 film)
  9. Fantastic Planet
  10. Donnie Darko
lambda-tube v0.2a

A new release of lambda-tube is now available - version 0.2 alpha. Release notes are here Release Notes for lambda-tube.

Downloads are available here lambda-tube downloads. (Download the latest files - executable installer for Windows XP and tgz for Ubuntu 8.04).

The most significant changes since the last release are:

  • A new NSIS based installer for the Windows XP version. NSIS is Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - an open-source install system.
  • Connections through unauthenticated http proxies are now supported.
  • I18N changes. lambda-tube is now available in Hindi apart from English.

Screen-shot of lambda-tube in Hindi


hi , i downloaded the version …

lambda-tube v0.1a Released

I have been working for the past month on an application to search and download videos from youtube. This application now has most of the featues that I had initially planned. In the spirit of “release early release often”, I have released an alpha verson of the software. You can get it at

A little about why I wrote this program. It is actually a coming together of a few favourable factors.

  1. I have been learning Scheme through books like “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, “The Scheme Programming Language” etc. In learning every …

Learning the "Programming Language Scheme"

Learning the "Programming Language Scheme"

Recently I began learning the how-to program in Scheme[]. For the reader it might be interesting to note that I already program in Java, C, and Python. In the past I have also programmed in C++, Pascal and BASIC. Learning at least one dialect of LISP had always been on top of my TO-DO list. I had seen some LISP in action during my college years as part of the "Programming Languages" course, but never learnt it fully.

I finally began this endeavour after having read "Paul Graham's" essays on LISP and programming …

My Ubuntu Linux Desktop

My Ubuntu Linux Desktop

Let me introduce you to my desktop today. Its an Ubuntu Linux (version 7.0.4, codename "Feisty Fawn") system. I've been using this Ubuntu installation for a few months now, and I'm very happy with both the ease of use and power.

And it looks so good, here's a screen shot (click to enlarge).


If you are unfamiliar with Gnome Linux desktop, they you will notice some unique features:

  1. Multiple panels(top & bottom)
  2. There are 5 desktop pages (bottom right)
  3. There's a host of applets added (like weather, mail, network etc) on the top panel …
Setting up my website

Setting up my website.

The last few days I've been setting up my website.

I needed a home page with information about my profile, and contact details and so on. I needed an email id with my own domain name, so that tomorrow no one can simply hack my account, and take it away. I needed a place where I could organise all my documents. And last but not the least a blog at my own domain.

Now since this is the first time I tried to setup an online presence, I decided to work under the following parameters:

  1. Low …
Using google docs for blog posts

Using google docs for blog posts

Today I started using google docs to post entries at my blog. This is just a test message.

To post a new message to your blog, simply edit the blogger details at the google docs settings page.
The create a new document, write some stuff, and post it using the Publish tab.

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