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Initial Thoughts on Generative AI

A Revelation

Generative AI has been a game-changer for my work as a programmer in recent days. I have been using Bing AI to help me with coding problems and get useful snippets and explanations. It has boosted my speed and efficiency like never before. I have been coding since the early 90s, and this is the biggest leap I have ever experienced in my productivity.

Note that I haven't used any AI integration into my code editor or IDE yet. I talk to Bing AI using the Copilot extension in the browser or on the Bing AI webpage. I …

Learning Deep Learning (Again)

Earlier this month, I've started learning from a couple of Deep Learning tutorials/courses/books. I had been thinking of picking up Deep Learning again for some time, but could not push it into my schedule. I do have a background in Machine Learning and Data Science, but I have never used Deep Learning methods in production applications yet. I have studied them in the past. Now that the space has moved quite fast, and Deep Learning now dominates over rest of the methods in ML, I feel the need to bring myself up to speed with the whole field …