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Happy New Year!!

The best way to keep an ongoing art practice is to incorporate it in things you already do. So if you write a lot of programs or make a lot of presentations, why not learn to make cool graphics to use them in your documents. Instead of searching for existing graphics online, you could create some of your own.

When it comes to digital art, pixel art is perhaps the oldest discipline - because early computers were limited in image processing and display. It is a wonderful art form which still survives today. And there are modern tools available to make pixel art which make creating artwork a breeze. One of these tools is Aseprite. Aseprite is a paid product, but well worth the money. Here watch this introduction by youtuber MortMort …

I created the logo for this publication in aseprite. Now I know it’s not high art, but it gets the job done. Please don’t measure the app with my skills, I’m just giving an example.

Art noob logo

And Oh! Don’t forget the most important thing for drawing digitally is a digital tablet. See my previous post on Drawing Tablets Are The Bee's Knees - by Abhishek Mishra (

Have a great year creating and have fun!

Abhishek (art noob)