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Dear Reader,

I would like to add a new type of post to this blog going forward. Looking at the great or famous pieces of art, or at famous artists from a noob’s perspective. This is also one form of master study. I’ve read that this greatly helps the development of one’s own skills.

I will start with artists in the comic book or illustration world, as this is what interests me most and then move on to other areas. I might start with Burne Hogarth or Frank Frazetta or Loomis.

Hogarth did a lot of drawing for the tarzan comics early in the last century. For e.g.

Tarzan - Cover

Tarzan - and the Lost Tribes (Vol. 4) (The Complete Burne Hogarth Comic Strip Library) : Hogarth, Burne, Garden, Don

It will depend on what is available in public domain for fair use in this blog.

Bye for now,

Abhishek (art noob)