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This blog is about the little things one can appreciate in art and craft. One of the awesome inventions which has changed the art world and gave it new energy is the drawing tablet. They are an awesome drawing tool.

Mouse is a point and click device

I remember when I first started using a mouse (the first computers I used did not have a mouse)… I would try to sign my name in the paint program. But mice are terrible at drawing. They are good point and click devices, but they don’t track well. Whether you are sketching or painting, you want your tool to track reasonably accurately and smoothly across the drawing surface.

Drawing tablets are awesome

Drawing tablets solve the tracking problem amazingly well. With pressure sensitivity - they can help make varying stroke widths. And the newer ones have tilt support making your strokes more brush like. You’ve got to try this invention to believe it!

If you work at your computer all day, or you don’t want to buy lots of art supplies, then go ahead and buy one. The smaller (in size) ones are reasonably cheap (similar to a mid-range mouse). And you can start sketching in the first paint program you can lay your hands on.

You can also finally take notes in your handwriting. Windows now has handwriting recognition which works reasonably well.

I’ve been using a Wacom One tablet for a couple of years and found it really useful.

There might be better options available today. So check the reviews of the latest models. And send me any questions you have on this topic.

P.S. - drawing tablets also make excellent gifts for your art obsessed relative or friend.


Abhishek (the art noob)