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Hello Reader,

We’ve all had it - the dreaded creative block! Can’t write, can’t draw, can’t act, can’t play music - whatever be our specific craft. So have I found some magic cure for this? No, not really - but I’ve found stuff that works for me. I’m gonna share this with you - you can try it if it works for you too.

Schedules and Commitments

If we have committed to doing something to friends or family or clients then we feel compelled to do it. In fact if we have committed something to ourselves, especially in writing - then we generally do it.

So the idea is to trick oneself into doing what we want to do. Idea is to setup personal commitments in a todo or task system (offline or online), with enough details in it in advance so that you just execute when the time comes.

Here’s what my typical day looks like. See all the specific practice tasks I’ve already created. I’ve just got to go and do each of them. If every morning I had to getup and create that list before I started doing stuff - then I would miss some if not most of them.

My Day - Todos Screenshot

So that’s the food for thought today.

Hope you have a great one,

Abhishek (art noob)