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Hello Reader,

Today I wanted to introduce you to one of my favourite artist teachers, James Gurney. I discovered him from his many videos on youtube, where he generously shares his skills and knowledge - James Gurney - YouTube. I like doing watercolour and James is a master of this medium, and that is how I discovered his channel and then later his blog at Gurney Journey

In this video he paints an aircraft from the lounge in the airport - the video shows his extraordinary skill. It’s less than 7 mins long, you should definitely watch it…

James Gurney has also written some excellent books on art instruction, and he also wrote the famous kids book Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time.

Dinosaur Boulevard, Dinotopia, courtesy James Gourney & Wikipedia

Hi book on colour in painting - Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter is highly acclaimed and is worth reading.

Do take a look at James Gurney’s works - we can learn a lot from him.

Bye for now,

-Abhishek (art noob)