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The Vacation

In August this year we went on a week’s vacation to Kovalam, Varkala and Thiruvananthapuram, in the South of Kerala. All three places are located close to each other. This time we travelled by train from Bangalore to Trivandrum. This was a fun experience to be travelling in Indian Railways after a long time.

Instead of my camera I decided to take along my sketching supplies. I took a sketchbook with thick watercolour paper, some pens, pencils and brush pens.

I’m going to write a few posts with one or more sketches chosen from the trip. It will be good way for me to relive the vacation - and hopefully you will feel like you’ve been there for a few moments too.

The Crooked Coconut Tree

All living things tell a story about their lives; if you’re ready to listen that is. This coconut tree caught my eye - as it had a crooked trunk. As if it started growing in one direction for the first few years of its life and then changed its mind and grew in another direction. Perhaps there was a tree overshadowing it for the first few years and then when the it escaped from the neighbours’ shadow it started growing upwards again.

All this is just conjecture though - so enjoy the view.

The crooked coconut tree at Kovalam
The crooked coconut tree at Kovalam

Fishing Boats Out At Sea

Sometime in the afternoon one day I drew this sketch of the ubiquitous fishing boats out in the Arabian Sea - around the coast of Kovalam.

The rocks, the waves and the shapes of the boats and the people in it make a nice harmony.

Fishing Boats in the Arabian Sea
Fishing boats in the Arabian Sea

Hope you liked these sketches. I have a few more to share - which I will post in the coming days.

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year in advance!

-Abhishek (art noob)