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Hello Again!

I’m back with another post on my vacation trip, this one about boats. Boats are ubiquitous in Kerala - something we rarely see when living in the city. Perhaps there are a few in the lakes around Bangalore. But boats really do come to life in coastal Kerala.

Resting in the Backwaters

Here is a sketch of a boat tied up in a backwater which I drew while resting under a tree on the other bank of the backwater. Even at rest this boat conveyed a sense of movement. It was bobbing up and down gently on the water - perhaps getting impatient to go to work or rocking itself to sleep. Who knows what boats think!

Boat resting in the backwater

Heading to Work

This sketch of boats with their fishermen crew heading out to sea in the morning shows the sense of urgency you see with the traffic rushing through Bangalore on a weekday. They have a purpose and want to get there fast. The waves are only getting in the way.

Boats Heading to Work

Sometimes I think boats have more character than cars…

Hope you enjoyed the sketches,

Abhishek (art noob)