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I have been working for the past month on an application to search and download videos from youtube. This application now has most of the featues that I had initially planned. In the spirit of “release early release often”, I have released an alpha verson of the software. You can get it at

A little about why I wrote this program. It is actually a coming together of a few favourable factors.

  1. I have been learning Scheme through books like “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”, “The Scheme Programming Language” etc. In learning every new programming language, the first real-world program is a challenge, and if completed successfully sets you on track to becoming a good programmer in this language. So I was looking for a tiny, but real-world application to kick-start my Scheme programming career.

  2. I have always felt the need for an application which could just search for videos on you tube, then add a few to a download list and run the downloads together. Once saved on disk, one could watch the vidoes any time. There is an excellent command-line program in python for downloading youtube videos called youtube-dl. But it does not manage download lists. So I wrote lambda-tube. In fact I got the steps to download youtube videos by looking at youtube-dl source code.

  3. There was no scheme API for youtube, although there is a stub-project , with just an owner but no developers. I even created the first issue on the project site just to find out if there was a release date. There was no reply so I thought I would write my own.

  4. Finally, and this is very important, it has never been easier to host an open source project. Hint: or

Now you know, so use this software and let me know your thoughts, feedback, issues...Write a comment on this blog-post or raise an issue on the lambda-tube page .

Some screen-shots:


Hi ,

i have just downloaded and checked your p... allan316 -

Hi ,
i have just downloaded and checked your program but cant use it since i have a proxy environment in my office i have raised a issue at your page on google code.
is there a possibility to add proxy support for your program?

I have added ability to connect using proxy in lam...

Abhishek Mishra -

I have added ability to connect using proxy in lambda-tube. Please get the new version and give it a try.