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A new release of lambda-tube is now available - version 0.2 alpha. Release notes are here Release Notes for lambda-tube.

Downloads are available here lambda-tube downloads. (Download the latest files - executable installer for Windows XP and tgz for Ubuntu 8.04).

The most significant changes since the last release are:

  • A new NSIS based installer for the Windows XP version. NSIS is Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - an open-source install system.
  • Connections through unauthenticated http proxies are now supported.
  • I18N changes. lambda-tube is now available in Hindi apart from English.

Screen-shot of lambda-tube in Hindi


hi , i downloaded the version with the proxy suppo...

allan316 -

hi , i downloaded the version with the proxy support and it works great, very addictive though due to its ease . i have just begun to learn programming using concrete abstractions and once i finish the book i hope to try and understand your code for learning purposes.
also thanks for your quick response to my request for proxy support.