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The tenth weekly release PicoTurtle v0.2.0-alpha.4 of PicoTurtle is out.

This release features a couple of important editor features:

  1. Indent/De-indent code lines and blocks. Editor shortcuts are Ctrl+] and Ctr+[ respectively. One can also indent and de-indent using Tab and Shift-Tab.
  2. Toggle comment code lines and blocks using Ctrl+/.

Here's a screenshot of the application on my macbook air...

alt PicoTurtle 0.2.0 on MacOs

The windows installer can be downloaded here -> PicoTurtle v0.2.0-alpha.4 for Win/64-bit. Linux and Macos installers are still work in progress. Macos is turning out to especially difficult with my current CMake/vcpkg based build setup.