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I got irregular in Apr-May, and then did not post at all in June when I got a mild case of covid. I’m fully recovered now, and thought I would post an update on what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been drawing.

Learning art is a continuous process - but improvements in your own skill are discrete in nature. If you are consistent in practice then all of a sudden one fine day you will notice that you are much better in a particular way.

I practice figure drawing every day for a few minutes - and last month I noticed a minor but sudden improvement. So I decided to spend more time at figure drawing to see if I could improve ever further. I also went back and read some books, watch some artists drawing and talking about their process.

One of the artists I return to from time to time is Sycra - he has some of the oldest art tutorial series on youtube - and they are a gem - Sycra - YouTube. I’ve learnt a lot from his drawing tutorials because he addresses some of the struggles a beginner goes through when learning to draw the figure.

I also came across Glenn Vilppu who is a professional art teacher - and taught a generation of animators. I’m watching his rather long introductory tutorial on animal anatomy and drawing - which is fascinating…

I also read his drawing manual - which is now out of copyright and available on - Vilppu Drawing Manual.

Hope you find this stuff interesting too… and you learn from it.

Finally, here are some of my digital practice sketches - from last week…

(Most of my sketches are on paper - and I need to scan them to post :) )

That’s it for today folks,

see you later,

-Abhishek (art noob)