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Once we’ve identified the words of the language - shape of hair, shape of head, the neck and upper torso (specifically shoulders), we should think about what these words can convey. What language is created from these words.

Movement versus Stability

Diagonals signify movement.

  • If the hair is flowing in the wind, or as if the person is moving fast and hair follows, the

  • The head is usually inclined during movement. Especially during fast movement like running. And when describing movement when have to show it going across the scene, otherwise it becomes hard to describe a sense of movement towards us.

  • The neck and the shoulders follow the gesture of the movement. Especially the shoulders have a direct link to the balance of the figure and contrapposto.

If on the other hand the head is upright, neck is straight and shoulders almost horizontal, it signifies stability and rest. However it is not the most interesting pose for the head, unless something else is happening on the scene which is more interesting.

Look at how even this caricature, a simple toon conveys movement with diagonals.

Shape of the head

That’s it for now. More examples on this topic in subsequent posts.


Abhishek (art noob)