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Rudra-palash flowers

We recently moved to a new place in Bangalore. And I’ve been busy with one thing or another for the past 3 months. However, we’ve settled down now.

My son and I were taking a walk a few weeks ago on a beautiful late Sunday morning. I had taken a camera along to take photos if we spotted something interesting. And we did…

This is a trio rudra-palash flowers - and I really liked the symmetry of these three. I like the way the photo turned out - hope you like it as well.

That’s it for now… Hope …

Sunset in Wayanad

We took a little family vacation to Wayanad, Kerala and Bandipur forest in Karnataka the last few days. I will write a detailed travel diary someday but here’s a photo of a sunset I took from a viewpoint in Wayanad.

Happy Arting,

Abhishek (art noob)

Black Drongo

Hello Dear Reader,

A few years ago, we had visited Tanakpur in Uttarakhand for a family vacation. On one of the many long walks - I took this photo of a black drongo (a bird native to our region, with a distinctive long split black tail). It made a nice contrast to the warm greens and browns all around it in the tall trees. Almost looks like it is meditating.

Photo of a Black Drongo

Have a great day,

Abhishek (art noob)

Friendly Birdie

Hi Guys,

For a few years I’ve been watching this bird come and rest in the trees next to my balcony. It rests for some time in the mornings and evenings. It is used to me now, and does not fly away when I’m near.

So yesterday we were having a cup of chai on the terrace, and this guy came around and sat down on our neighbour’s terrace.

Just minding my business here

Friendly bird

And then when I started clicking, this fellow stared right back at me!

You lookin at me bro?

Friendly bird staring at me

I don’t have a …


Hi Reader,

At the beginning of a new month, here’s a dragonfly poised for flight.

A Dragonfly

That’s the post,


Abhishek (art noob)

Moody Frog

If everything works right, you will get a banner along with today’s email. I made the banner in Clip Studio Paint 1 and the logo in Aseprite 2. The photo in the banner is from a few years ago - in the rainy season a frog was lounging near the fountain just posing for a photoshoot. I hope you like the banner - any feedback is welcome.

Here’s the full sized photo of the moody frog…

Photo of a Moody Frog

See you later, alligators,

Abhishek (art noob)


Clip Studio Paint is an application mainly for drawing manga and comics. It also works well …

Green bug

As the rains in Bangalore subsided reluctantly after what seems like ages, the sun peeped out and out came this beautiful fellow. It was sunbathing on the wall of my balcony. What a confident and dashing caterpillar…

A green caterpillar

What’s the moral of the story today - “Some bugs are beautiful and deserve to be admired.”


Abhishek (the art noob)

Wet Green Leaves

As you might have heard, it’s been raining hard in Bangalore for the last I don’t know how many days. We do get a respite from it for a few hours but then it starts all over again. Nice excuse to stay indoors and rolled up in a blanket. The rain does have a way of bringing out the vibrant greens all over the place.

So here’s a photo I took of the middle-aged tree just outside the balcony. It has some glorious leaves. Most of the times it is the little things that bring the greatest …