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A few days ago my son and I were out on a walk after our dinner. We usually walk along the path inside our housing society. On one of the hedeges planted along the path, we found this large web shining in the background light. There was a majestic spider sitting in the center of the web. On coming closer to it we noticed this interesting pattern in light colours which gives it a menacing look.

The photo was taken on my phone, and lightly edited with photoshop express to fix exposure and contrast. (Click on the photo to see the full size.)

When I shared the photo with ChatGPT and asked it about the spider, it said that the spider could be a member of the orb-weaver family (Araneidae) specifically a spider from the genus Argiope, commonly known as the garden spider or writing spider.

ChatGPT went on to say that although these Argiope spiders feed on insects which they kill with their venom, but they are not generally harmful to humans. So their bite might cause some mild swelling and pain but they are not considered as dangerous for humans.

You can look at other sightings of this spider from across the world at this site Spider ID - Argiope. And you can learn a bit more about these spiders here

When we choose to look closely we find so many interesting species living amonst us. We learn something new everyday.