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Dear Reader,

This post is about generative art using computer programs. I’ve always been fascinated by mazes and how to create new ones and solve them. I have developed my own library to do turtle graphics (which I might release soon). While testing this library I decided to write a program to draw a maze.

In the footnotes on the wikipedia article on mazes - I found this article in “Compute! Magazine Issue 019, pg 54”. It describes a succinct program to generate mazes - in MS BASIC and in a flowchart. And so I rewrote that program using my own library in a programming language called Lua. Every time I run the program I get a random maze. Here is an example…

I have to confess, I don’t just like solving mazes… I really like the psychedelic aesthetic of these pictures.

That’s it for now,

Happy Arting,

Abhishek (artnoob)