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Long time ago, a guy I didn’t know so well once dragged me a couple of kilometers to the results display of an art competition. It was early morning and I was still groggy. I guess I was the only guy he could find to drag along. He said he was very nervous, he had made a masterpiece submission and was expecting to win. He was also rambling all along whether the judges would “get” his painting. I mumbled some nonsense as I tagged along.

We get there and he goes straight to his painting. If you won, your picture would get an additional label under it mentioning “1st”, or “2nd”, or “consolation” etc. Well he didn’t find any label, and stood there absolutely devastated!

I, on the other hand, was absolutely shocked at his picture. My sleepy head couldn’t grasp what I was looking at. It was like the one below - just a single thumbprint at the center of a large canvas. I was flabbergasted.

Thumbprint on canvas

At first I thought he was pulling my leg, and I started getting enraged. But then I thought why would he go through such an elaborate ruse just to prank me. I looked at him carefully - he was crestfallen. This fellow really thought this was a masterpiece. I was speechless, couldn’t say word for some time.

I said - “Let’s see who won?”, and he was like “If they didn’t understand this painting the winning ones must be mediocre” or something along those lines (it was too long ago). We walked back in silence. It was one of the weirdest experiences I ever had.

Alright so I’ve told you this story about someone else’s painting. What about my worst drawing. Well its close to the one above. It’s the blank canvas.

Blank Canvas

I feel that the day I cannot get myself to draw anything and leave the page blank is my worst drawing. Not sure if that’s what you expected. Never leave the canvas blank. Make scribbles, draw something…

And, oh, just don’t start believing that your scribbles are a masterpiece 😝!

As always, have a great day…

Artistically yours,

Abhishek (the art noob)